#1: We write with a healthy amount of dry sarcasm (not that the sarcasm is good for you, just that we use it in abundant quantities). If you think something might be a joke, or a half-joke/half-truth, it probably is just that. We take our work seriously, not ourselves. There's significant amounts of negativity on the internet and in the world, so we choose to smile and laugh whenever we can. We're also proponents of CTFO. So, if you find yourself offended...you know what to do. If you’re a bot, as we assume 95% of the internet is, we hope you gain the sentience to CTFO.

#2: These are the current thoughts of the Sobol team on the Future of Work. We believe the ability to change one’s mind is a valuable and necessary component of achieving a growth mindset. A growth mindset allows us to “get better” with age as we gather experience and information. We might change our minds about things we have written. In fact, we hope we do. We live in exponential times. The future will be ever changing. Therefore, so too, will the Future of Work.